Steve & Steph {Wedding}

“There are two births;
the one when the light
first strikes the new awakened sense;
the other when two souls unite,
and we must count our life from thence,
when you loved me and I loved you,
then both of us were born anew.”
– William Cartwright


October 28th, 2016 was a date that Tessa and I had been planning for and looking forward to for a very long time. After the magic of their engagement session last September, we knew that this was going to be one of the greatest wedding days we could ever imagine…and, let me tell you, we were SO RIGHT.

Stephany was a bride who was thorough and detailed and very concerned about how every minute of her wedding day would go. At the same time, she trusted us completely. Pictures were at the very top of her list of priorities, so we knew that we would have plenty of time to get all of our shots and then some! Having that creative freedom on a wedding day is invaluable.

Now that we’ve got a little bit of background out of the way, let’s get started on talking about the greatness that was the Nielson wedding.

As Tess and I made the drive from Lancaster to gorgeous Cape May, the sun was shining bright, the skies were clear and blue, and the gorgeous country highway was lined with trees ablaze with autumn colors. Perfect weather: check.

I met with the groom, he had a timeline in hand and his details all organized. He is strapping and handsome and kind. He takes direction perfectly and was the complete balance of calm and collected, but emotional and excited. His reaction to Steph’s boudoir session and surprise Cowboys tickets was as hilarious and expressive as I could have ever wished for! Perfect groom: check

Steph is the kind of beautiful that commands the attention of any room she’s in. On her wedding day, she looked like royalty with cascading brunette locks and a backless dress to accentuate her perfect figure. Not only is she beautiful to look at, she is beautiful to be around. She is kind and quiet. She looks you in the eye and makes your presence feel valuable. On this day that she had planned so meticulously, it would be easy to become unraveled with worry; not Steph, she met each moment with joy and ease, no matter what it held. She rolled with our antics, pulling her from here to there for this photo and that, absolutely rocking each one. Perfect bride: check.

The streets of Cape May hold nostalgic value for the pair; she practically grew up there calling this place home for over ten years, and as a couple they spent weekends and day trips strolling the quaint streets lined with boutiques and shops. The hotel, church, and reception were all within walking distance of each other, with the beach just a glance down the street. The day kept things rolling right along, we checked our watches only to be sure we were in sync with the timeline, but most of the time I was so entranced with the positive energy and excitement that painted the day. The ceremony; sweet and emotional. The message was given by Steph’s dad and the pair exchanged vows that brought a tear to everyone’s eye. As the new Nielsons exited the church, a horse drawn carriage came to sweep them away, as a surprise gift from the bride’s brother. SERIOUSLY. FAIRY TALE DAY. Perfect location and perfect ceremony: check.

The newlyweds followed our every photo whim as we took them to the beach for hundreds of windswept photos and the most breathtaking sunset session. With all of the warm and cozy couple cuddles, we forgot that it was dipping below 50 degrees. Steph never uttered a single complaint in her less than cozy gown!

One of my favorite things about Steve and Steph is that during their reception, you very rarely saw one without the other. I had never before processed that during receptions, brides and grooms often go their separate ways and do their own rounds of socializing. These two simply enjoyed every minute of their celebration together, dancing on into the night surrounded by their friends and families. Perfect reception: check.

I could go on and on and ON about this day, but I should stop somewhere. Steve and Stephany, you both are beautiful people and we had a blast capturing all of the sweet moments on your wedding day! We hope you love your images! Enjoy that Hawaiian honeymoon!

Perfect wedding day: check check check.

– J


Ceremony: Cape Island Baptist Church 
Reception: Hotel Alcott 
Dress: Tesi Bridal: Casablanca 1975
Grooms & Groomsmen attire: Macys
Florist: Cape Winds Florist
Day of Coordinator: Karolena KSL
DJ: Greg Shubert with Untouchable
Videographer: Darrel with Love Notes Photography
Cake: The Bake Works
Catering: La Verandah
Hair: Art Is Salon Brigantine
Makeup: Melissa Jane
Additional Vendors:
Alpha Coach LLC
Cape May Carriage LLC

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  1. S and S, This is one of the most amazing wedding pictures I have ever seen. You look truly amazing Stephanie. And your groom is Hot. May God continually bless you and your husband forever. One thing if I may add always communicate, never go to bed angry and keep your money together. Congratulations!!!!!!

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