Scott & Michelle {Wedding}

“Drive all night with me
Sing my favorite song and sleep
Under the stars on the hood of our car
It’s all I’ve ever wanted
All I ever wanted was to
See you in the pale moon light
Just the way ya look tonight
And maybe some day
If love comes our way
We’ll be walking in the meadow in the early spring
You’ll be twirling in a sundress wearing my ring
Can you see it
Girl I believe em that
It’s true
All I ever wanted
All I ever really wanted was you.”
All I Ever Wanted – Chuck Wicks

028-storyboardWe arrived at The Hilton in Wilmington, DE where the activity of the day had already begun. Classic Brittany Spears played in the background as Michelle and her beautiful bridesmaids were chatting and sipping on mimosas and the final touches of hair and makeup were set into place. The excitement and anticipation could be felt in the air. The gentleman were no different, calm and collected, straightening ties and placing the cufflinks just right. A short drive brought us to the ceremony where friends and family gathered from all over the world to witness these two pledge their forevers.

Amongst the craziness that a wedding can bring, there was a quiet peace about the day. A feeling of rightness, resting in the fact that this bride and groom were simply meant for one another other. The Catholic Mass was laced with sentimental moments and powerful promises to one another. Michelle was quoted saying, how she “loves Scott’s worth ethic and affection, his closeness. That he is the type of man that will protect her and protect his family. He is a fine gentleman. She loves his great spirit and attitude and he has a beautiful and strong conviction in all the he does. A caring person.”

In the short time I have had the pleasure of knowing Scott, he truly is the embodiment of a gentleman. This was declared by both his brothers as they described his character. The Maid and Matron of Honors had only good to say about the fun loving and spunky Michelle, capping off their speech with some Brittany Spears flair.

The details from this day were a photographer’s dream. The reception venue, Thousand Acres Farm, is “picturesque, 110-acre farm situated along the waterfront of Thousand Acre Marsh and boasts views of the Reedy Point Bridge and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.”

The bride and groom were anxiously awaiting their first dance in which country singer, Chuck Wicks would be performing his song, All I Ever Wanted. The stage was set, the lights strung and the wood dance floor was begging to be danced upon. With unfavorable weather impending in the distance it could have put a damper on the evening. Heavy rains blew through, but the party continued under the tent. As toasts and blessings were given, the rain ran away, leaving behind a painted sky of orange, blue and purple. A sunset that takes your breath away. The musical set was moved indoors which allowed for an intimate performance by Chuck Wicks and his band. The location change did not stop this crew from partying the night away.

As the clock nearly struck twelve, fireworks were set off in the distance and the couple embraced under the sparkling lights.

We were humbled to have been able to be a part of this celebration. Thank-you to Scott & Michelle for allowing us to capture your day. We wish you only the utmost happiness and joy in your many, many years of marriage to come!

– T

To check out more from their day, view the amazing trailer from CinemaCake Filmakers: Click Here

Prep Location: The Hilton Wilmington – Christiana
Reception: Thousand Acres Farm
Ceremony: St. Mary of the Assumption
Florist: Fresh Design Florist Inc.
Additional Flowers: Forget Me Not Florist
Performer: Chuck Wicks
Videographer: CinemaCake Filmakers
Wedding Planner/DJ: Boardwalk Entertainment
Custom Stationery: April Lynn Designs
Catering: Bethany Blues
Grotto Pizza Truck
16 Mile Brew Truck
Tents and Events: Dover Rent All
Furniture Rental: Salvaged
Fireworks: Zamberelli Fireworks
Cake & Cupcakes: Yum Yum Sweats and Treats

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  1. We are getting married there! It’s an awesome venue! How did they manage to get fireworks let off??? We’ve been trying to figure out how to have fireworks at ours!

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