Cliff & Liia {Wedding}

“Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul.” -Alexander Pope


Both Cliff and Liia are incredibly enjoyable people. They are both quick to smile and easy to talk to; the kind of people you can meet only once and feel as though you’ve known them for ages. But throughout the course of this gorgeous October wedding day, it became very obvious that the charm of this pair runs continues past the shimmering surface and straight to their heart and soul.

The day itself could not have been more gorgeous. Crisp and cool, skies of the bluest blue, and a bright sun to warm your skin. The excitement was palpable everywhere. From the bridal party to the adoring parents. 150 guests attentively sat on long, wooden benches and faced the grand walls of the Tobacco Barn at the Stoltzfus Homestead. This ceremony absolutely goes down in the books as one of our favorites. The officiant took the time to tell Cliff and Liia’s love story- how they met, how they got engaged, what they love and appreciate about one another. There was lighthearted laughter and a surprise ring-bearer chosen at random from the attendees. The newlywed Richmond’s shared a kiss and big smiles all around as they were pronounced husband and wife as a cool autumn breeze blew and wispy white clouds wondered across the skies.

The evening rolled on after a record-breaking family formal session (in a good way; two massive families but they all listened so well. Photographers dream, people). The grand barn was drenched in rich, warm-colored florals and each table was illuminated by flickering candlelight atop grand golden candelabras. Sweet speeches touching on the couple’s fierce loyalty and upstanding character, toasts, dances, and a crowd ready to party and a couple ready for ALL the photo opps…sigh, 10 hours spent on this sweet day didn’t even seem like enough.

Cliff & Liia, we cannot tell you how much we enjoyed spending the day capturing your love story! You are both an inspiration and a joy to be around. Enjoy your Hawaiian getaway and a few sneak peeks from your day!

– J

Ceremony & reception venue: The Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens
Dress: Demetrios Bridal
Grooms & groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Florist: Beautiful Blooms Philly
Wedding Coordinator: Dawn Beitzel with Stoltzfus Homestead
DJ: Brian LaTocha
Videographer: Kate Freer
Cake: Aggie’s Sweets
Catering: Hess’ Barbeque
Hair: Egotrip Hair Salon
Makeup: Chloe Evans

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5 thoughts on “Cliff & Liia {Wedding}”

  1. Wow! Tessa, you have perfectly captured an incredible day! It’s hard to match being there, but you captured everything perfectly; to every last detail. Thank you for getting these magical moments and for bringing the biggest smile back to my face. These are perfection.

    Courtney (Cliff’s Sister)

  2. I love these photos so much. Tessa captured the feeling of the wedding so perfectly. All the love and joy come through. The bride looks gorgeous and she was. The people look happy, and they were. The day was perfect and thank you for saving it for us!! (Liia’s mom…)

  3. The pictures from start to finish really capture the love for each other and the loving affectuon the guests and famiy have for Liia and Cliff. Great job

  4. Tessa Marie, thanks for the lovely comment about Liia and Cliff’s ceremony: “one of our favorites,” you wrote! It was one of mine too, and I’ve done a lot of weddings. The photos you took are simply beautiful, fully capturing the spirit of the ceremony that I was so privileged to create and officiate. Beth Palubinsky, Life-Cycle Celebrant

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