Austin & Savannah {Wedding}

“He was christmas morning,
crimson fireworks and
birthday wishes.”
– Raquel Franco

030-storyboardIt was a love that began in hallways lined with lockers and Friday nights filled with lights and football.

Austin and Savannah are high-school sweethearts. There is something about that, that is unlike any other kind of love. The most pivotal years of maturing are spent learning and growing along side another and through it this connection is formed that is unlike any other. The lucky few build on this connection and pledge their forevers through marriage.

The date was set and the planning began. Savannah had always wanted to wed on her grandparents property, along the the mill stream, covered in billowing trees and lush gardens. Impending rain threatened to damper the day, but nothing could get in the way of the celebration that was planned.

The girls prepped at Envy Studio nestled on King Street of Downtown Lancaster. A stretch limo awaited the freshly dolled up gals while the gentleman prepped their suits and pinned their boutonnieres.

A light drizzle was on the horizon as we golf-carted down to the first look location. Holding an umbrella above the bride, Savannah was not one to shy away from a little adventure. I think the rain rewarded her for her attitude and decided to hold off all afternoon.

While back to back, the anticipation built, as Austin and Savannah read silently their letters from one another. Moments later, the two turned and Austin’s grin completely overtook his face.

The ceremony was simple and sweet and full of emotion. Austin’s brother officiated the ceremony; speaking words of encouragement, expressing how proud he was of his little brother, and praying blessing over the new union.

Jaws dropped at the sighting of the tent for the reception. The draped white ceilings were splashed with magenta lights and candle sticks lined all the tables, preparing for a feast to over 250 guests. The champagne was poured and the introductions spoken. The speeches just reiterated what a special couple this was. Words that expressed how the two complimented one another so well and through their journey they had become the best possible version of themselves, strongly because of the other’s influence.

After the guests had taken part in the most exquisite meal, the dance floor was opened. This folks, was a party of epic proportions. DJ Freez brought his A-game and the floor was filled with old and new friends and families that had officially been united.

To cap off the night, fireworks lit the sky and the two embraced under crimson lights.

This wedding was extremely special to photograph. Austin is my cousin, and I can attest to the amazing person he has become, strongly due to Savannah’s influence. I am so proud to call him family and beyond excited to welcome Savannah to the crew. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Smucker. We hope you are having the BEST time in Mexico!

– T

Ceremony & Reception: Bride’s Grandparent’s home
Dress: Casablanca – In White
Grooms & Groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Florist: The Gilded Lily
Wedding Planner: Betsy Kohr Designs
DJ: Freez Entertainment
Cake: Bella Manse
Catering: Tim Carr Catering
Hair: Envy Studio
Makeup: Demi Greenawalt
Additional vendors:
Shumaker PDT
Cherrywood String Ensembles
Hess Tent Rentals
Rental World

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