Zach & Kristen {Wedding}

“…and yes there are over
a million words in our language

but for some reason
none of them can describe
the way you make me feel.”
-r.m. drake

039-storyboardThose gusty November winds struck up their whistling songs on this gorgeous wedding day at Stoltzfus Homestead; but the autumn sun was warm as ever, a welcome reprieve from frosty mornings and bitter cold evenings. There is nothing quite like a fall day in Lancaster County. The afternoon light is rich and golden, turning the fields and farmland into sun-drenched glory. This view is what brought Zach and Kristen trekking up north from their Delaware County home.

Hands down, both this bride and this groom take home the Tessa Marie Images award for best smile. One of my favorite parts of the day is asking the groom how he met his girl. Zach was the best response of the season because, I swear, his smile was from ear. to. ear. the whole time he told me the story of their first meeting at a local bar, how they stayed in touch but he didn’t remember her name, only the title he had for her in his phone which was “cute girl from bar.” After a 5 hour long first date, they were both hooked. I can understand why! He is the sweet and sincere, but burly and manly, she is strikingly gorgeous, witty, and full of Latin American spunk and sass.

After a year long engagement and a morning of primping and preparing, the ceremony began with a stunning Kristen making her way down the aisle in her red cowboy boots and head held high. A sweet ceremony, exchange of rings and handwritten vows, a kiss, and the two became one. The pair exited as Mr. and Mrs. Fite.

The grandeur of the white barns at the Homestead were tastefully “America” themed. It was a surprising sight for us to see late into the month of October, so we asked the pair where the thought came from. They simply answered, “because we love America!” Amazing. It may have been one of my favorite receptions to date! Complete with handmade tassle garlands made from red, white, and blue hankies, and a spread of homemade desserts that made you feel like you were dining in a cozy cabin with your best of friends. The two danced the night away with their family and friends, Zach making the most valiant effort to match the moves of his Latin wife. These two genuinely love each other’s company, and it was the most refreshing thing to watch.

We loved documenting your day, Zach and Kristen! Hope your Ashville roadtrip honeymoon was the trip of your dreams! Enjoy your sneak peek!

– J

Ceremony & Reception: The Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens
Wedding Gown: Davids Bridal
Grooms & Groomsmen attire: Joseph A Banks
Florist: Pearls and Petals
Day of Coordinator: Liz Walter with The Stoltzfus Homestead
DJ: R Lawrence
Videpgrapher: Sasha Bilik
Cake: Bakers of Buffington
Catering: Hess Catering
Additional Vendors:
Treasure Rental
Ben Reeder Photography

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