John & Chandler {Engaged}

“If you let it
you might find that
love can course through your veins
whisper to your soul
and tangle itself around your rib cage
growing like wild flowers in your heart.”002-storyboardThis Fall is being oh-so-good to us over at Tessa Marie Images. Not only have we been able to take advantage of countless beautiful days and evenings but we have been able to meet some of our fantastic 2017 couple. Cue John and Chandler.

We met at Marsh Creek, the spot of their very first date. The sun was setting just right and the leaves were still bursting with color. It was a beautiful evening, one for the books, paired with an even more gorgeous couple. John and Chandler are that couple you just want to be around. One of John’s favorite things about Chandler is her graceful presence, how she makes everyone around her better. I got that vibe within moments of meeting her. And then there is John; that boy loves his girl. It was so evident in the way they interacted. I think I repeated “you guys are so cayyyute”, about a hundred too many times.

Chandler says John is very professional but also has a relaxed manner about him. He exudes nothing but good vibes, constantly smiling and looks for ways to help and support the people he loves.

Chandler and John knew each other even as kids, Chandler happened to be John’s sister’s close friend…and we are now seeing how that ended up.

Our evening continued, walking the same path they walked that first evening during their date and ending in Phoenixville where that same first date led them. We photographed outside of the restaurant they ate at and ended in a glamorous fashion outside the Phoenixville Colonial movie theater.

To say I enjoyed my evening would be an understatement. We can’t wait for June 30th to arrive!

– T
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