Matt & Maddie {Wedding}

5_15_16_M&M0801-EditMatt and Maddie share a love that is youthful and vibrant. They share a passion for adventure and the outdoors- they even incorporated their favorite hikes together into their reception table centerpieces! Matt has an infectious smile and I don’t think that we saw it leave his face even for a moment on the day that he married his best friend. Maddie was an ideal bride- organized, timely, and of course, absolutely stunning. Her calm and peaceful spirit never wavered even with a dreary, stormy forecast.

The day worked out flawlessly; the rain had perfect timing and fell only when everyone was indoors- not a single raindrop fell on these two! The intense storm clouds made for a gorgeous contrast against the white Grand Barn at Stoltzfus Homestead as the newlywed Grego’s celebrated their union. As a perfect cap to the day, a rainbow colored the sky as Matt grabbed his new bride and sealed the evening with a kiss. Congratulations Matt & Maddie! It was an honor to capture your wedding day!


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