Maeve {One Year Portraits}

Maeve is a babe with the cutest little attitude. She is the perfect mix between mom and dad with piercing blue eyes and a sense of adventure. She just turned one this past week and has an epic party awaiting her this weekend with 75 friends and family. We had a blast eating cake and picking flowers. She’s gonna be a heartbreaker for sure.TMI_8421-Edit TMI_8467-Edit DSC_0592-Edit TMI_8568-Edit TMI_8620-Edit TMI_8747-Edit DSC_1135-Edit
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3 thoughts on “Maeve {One Year Portraits}”

  1. Leslie Dougherty

    Maeve is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!!!! I may be a bit biased, I am her grandmom!!!

  2. Suzanne Salomone

    MaryKate and Rob
    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pictures of you baby daughter!!
    You both have been truly blessed!!
    I love you guys!❤️
    Mom Sue

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