Williams’ Family Portraits

Cindy met my mom at my parent’s furniture/coffee shop in the little town of Intercourse, PA. After a quick phone call we had their session in the books and I was thoroughly looking forward to meeting the Williams clan.

The Williams family lives in Washington D.C. but often travel to the rolling hills of Lancaster for a quick getaway; taking in the local cuisine, stopping to see a show at Sight & Sound or perusing through the many Amish made product stores.

After a last minute location change due to a wet forecast, we met at The Stoltzfus Homestead, a location that captures the essence of the Lancaster County beauty; charming and drenched with character.

I love meeting a new family, seeing the dynamics of the group. It is so interesting to see where personalities overlap or features were acquired. It was a blast spending the evening with The Williams and I am already looking forward to the next time.

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