Justin & Toni {Engaged}

“I need you
Now and forever
To stay right here with me
Don’t ever leave
Love was kept
From me like a secret
And I swore I was through
Until you”
Billy Currington 

022-storyboardBoy meets girl at a bar and the rest is history.

It was during an Eagles playoff game at Xfinity LIVE that Toni and Justin met, which is fitting as they share a huge passion for all things Philadelphia sports. Their first date took place at Iron Abbey Gastropub, and in Toni fashion she ordered the biggest cheeseburger on the menu. Justin was smitten.

Hang with Justin and Toni for even just a minute and you know they treat life as one giant adventure. They are a blast. Their engagement session took place at the most charming farm. They pranced through fields, laughed in the gardens, popped some champagne and of course, represented their Temple University gear (Go Owls!).

They crushed it. Check out the images below and you will see what I mean.

CANNOT wait for the huge party that awaits them next October at The Homestead, it’s gonna be a good one.

– T

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