Daniel & Jenessa {Wedding}

It is still difficult for me to articulate my feelings about April 11, 2015. But I’ll do my best.

It was a perfect Spring day in Lancaster County. As I was driving from Philadelphia I noticed how the grass had finally laid its drab, brown covering aside and in its place, a vibrant green blanketed the earth. Color we all have been longing for throughout this seemingly endless winter. Although the weatherman was calling for gusty winds that Saturday, with each passing hour the air settled and became a simple spring breeze.

I have had the honor of being involved in many weddings, either in the bridal party, as a guest, or in my career as a wedding photographer. This event though, held even more significant meaning for me. My lovely assistant at Tessa Marie Images and second-shooter for weddings, was the bride on this day!

Jenessa’s story is bitter sweet. Four years ago, her mother was taken suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of cancer. Lill King was one of the most vibrant women I had ever met. A good friend of my mothers, I saw how people were drawn to her energy and the life she exuded. When she passed it shook the community, and devastated her close-knit family. Jenessa was just 17 years old.

Through their pain the King family held to one another and to their faith in God. They focused on family and rather than wallowing in their loss, they chose to embrace the blessing they had in the years they got to have Lill as a mother and wife. Their goal was to be just like her, to emulate her strengths and honor her legacy.

On Father’s Day 2013, Jenessa stood with her brother and sister in front of their church family and together they honored their father for continuing to support and love them through the deepest pain of losing his wife and their mom. Jenessa, in typical fashion, lit up the stage as she shared.

In the audience that day was Daniel Seiz. He was so completely taken by the life and spirit in this beautiful girl that he literally looked her up on Facebook right then and there as he was sitting in the church service!

Daniel decided that day that he wanted to marry Jenessa. And he took it upon himself to win her heart. On their wedding day they read letters to one another and Daniel wrote about how he never thought he could have so much love for “someone he never even met.” He spoke of his prayers to Jenessa’s mother in those letters, promising her that he would do everything in his power to take care of and love her daughter. I can honestly say, it was one of the most moving things I have ever heard.

To anyone who saw their relationship unfold it was as if Daniel awakened the parts of Jenessa that she had hidden. He walked beside her, embraced her flaws and built up her strengths, and she –reluctantly at first– opened herself to the idea of someone pursuing and loving her.

The day was about so much more than a legal contract being solidified among witnesses. It was a celebration of life, of community and of the love of Jesus. Many of the people in attendance have walked through this journey with the King family and have supported Jenessa and Daniel during their dating relationship. Tears were shed in remembrance, but more importantly laughter and joy filled every part of the day.

From a photographer’s perspective, Jen and Dan were such fun subjects to capture through a camera’s lens. They are both expressive by nature and wear their feelings “on their sleeves” and their emotions throughout the day were vibrant, alive and genuine.  Pure joy!

It was a dream wedding and a great honor to be a part of the celebration. It is a day that I will hold in my memory for years to come. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Seiz, so unbelievably happy for you both!

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The AMAZING wedding day vendors:

Dress: In White
Wedding Planner: Schumaker PDT
DJ: Burnie Smucker with Portable Soundz
Videographer: Cinema Four 40
Ceremony: Stumptown Mennonite
Reception: John Wright Restaurant

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