Dan & Jenessa {Proposal}


In June of 2013, Jenessa King spoke at The Worship Center church for a special Father’s Day service.

It was that morning that she caught the eye of Daniel Seiz, who was immediately drawn to her confidence and bright smile.

Days turned into weeks and once again at that same church, the two reconnected at the “Living Room”, a young adult group that meets on Tuesday evenings. After that service, Dan ran after Jenessa and introduced himself in person.

From the beginning, it was clear to Dan that Jenessa would be the one he would marry. He asked her father for permission to date her and before their relationship progressed, he wrote a letter that he believed would one day be given to Jenessa; a letter of pursuit for her heart, of faith in their future together and promising his heart to her forever.

Fast forward to August 2014: It was an unusually rainy summer day in Washington D.C. The couple walked through a gorgeous indoor botanical garden, Jenessa photographing the orchids while Dan awaited his moment. In a quiet and secluded area, they sat and exactly a year after he had penned that letter, he opened it and Jenessa read his words aloud.

In Jenessa’s mind, the letter explained Dan’s jittery behavior all morning. His words brought tears to

her eyes as she read what Daniel had written in the

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early days of their relationship. Words about his love for her and the knowing that one day she would be his wife.

But the surprise wasn’t over yet. Dan pulled Jenessa to her feet and slowly knelt down on one knee.

It was an emotional moment for everyone watching. Those who had witnessed the proposal were left speechless as Jenessa squealed and Dan smiled.

Jenessa had always hoped for a gold band with a simple diamond, in remembrance of the ring her mother once wore. It was exactly that, and he placed a perfect gold ring with a simple diamond on her finger.

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