Trevor & Kourtney {Surprise Wedding}

“…you felt familiar the moment I met you. A lovely sort of deja vu. When we spoke or laughed or danced I became overwhelmed by the powerful sensation that I had been here before. And when we kissed I felt the energies of a thousand lives on our lips, like our souls had known each other all along.” -Beau Taplin


This October day has been one sealed behind my lips but bursting in my heart from the moment I heard about it. There were so many things about it that made my nerves skyrocket but every time I thought about sweet, sunshiny Kourtney- I knew that there would be no wedding that I would ever love more than this one.

Guests had received invitations to Trevor and Kourtney’s engagement party in a gorgeous park overlooking the river; a time to gather and celebrate the wonderful couple and the exciting season of wedding planning ahead of them. What everyone didn’t know, was that the groom would arrive on his motorcycle in a tux looking like he stepped straight out of a 007 movie, and the bride would walk down an aisle lined with guests with mouths wide open, some loud gasps, and lots of tears streaming down faces.

On this day, my first solo TMI wedding, Tessa donned bohemian bridesmaid’s attire, and aided her best friend though the festivities of the day. I have never been more honored than being asked to capture something so incredibly important to my boss.

As the golden hour began, guests were mingling and snacking. The MC (aka officiant) for the evening announced for everyone to gather by the water to welcome the future Mr. & Mrs. Smithson who would soon be arriving. Everyone meandered about, taking their time to gather, unaware of what was going to take place. With a loud roar Trevor sped in on his motorcycle, greeted with loud cheers. Music began to play and through the golden beams stepped a vision in white on the arm of her father. Cue the tears.

Kourtney’s father shared a tearful word of encouragement and blessing, and the emotions continued to swell throughout the intimate gathering. As Trevor and his bride shared the vows that they had written to each other, the depth and sincerity of their love came alive. Trevor, a notoriously tough and rugged professional stuntman, met his weakness when he met Kourtney and beautifully broke our hearts as he shed tears as while he read his vows. I had a hard time keeping my eyes dry from behind the lens.

Food trucks rolled up, music played, and the celebration began; guests still laughing and reeling about what they had unknowingly walked into. Speeches were made, more tears were shed, fireworks exploded, and Trevor and Kourtney disappeared into the night with the roar of that motorcycle, showered in sparkler light. A million thanks to you, Mr. & Mrs. Smithson for trusting me to capture this gorgeous event! It will absolutely be one of my favorites for ever and ever.


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    1. The pictures are beautiful. I am so happy they found each other, and truly believe they will have a log and wonderful life together. So happy I could be there.

    2. The pictures are beautiful. I am so happy they found each other, and truly believe they will have a long and wonderful life together. So happy I could be there.

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