Jeff & Kaitlyn {Wedding}

“I got lost in him, and it was the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found.” -Claire LaZebnik


Jeff & Kaitlin met at a camp for those with special needs. Their love blossomed from a place of servanthood and selflessness. And all who witnessed their wedding day could feel the love that they had for each other- that unselfish, deep, magnificent adoration.

As usual, Tessa spent the first portion of the day with the girls, and I with the groom and his groomsmen. When we met up before the ceremony, we both had the same thing to say: “Okay…they are AWESOME.” Sometimes, a wedding comes along where I spend the whole day thinking less about the flowers and the decor and the this and that, and more about the sacred power and beauty of marriage. This wedding did that for me. Jeff & Kait were so relaxed all day long, just eager to see each other and spend the evening celebrating. They acknowledged that what was happening was greater than what the physical day would appear to be.

But the day was beautiful, and a heavy evening rain cooled the summer heat. The majestic Moonstone Manor was the perfect setting for an emotional ceremony, heartfelt speeches from the bridal party, and a sweet sparkler exit in an SUV covered in post-it notes.

We loved this day. REALLY loved it. Best of luck, Jeff & Kaitlin!


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Moonstone Manor
Dress: Sweethearts Bridal
Florist: Wendy’s Flowers 
DJ: Fred Behney with Sound Waves
Cake: Mother of the Groom
Bridesmaids: Davids Bridal 
Groomsmen: Kohls
Catering: Yoders Catering Inc. 

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