Collin & Julianne

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – Nora Ephron

Collin & Julianne mentioned throughout the day that they had often been told that they are getting married awfully young, but after 6 years of dating through high school and college, these two and everyone who love them felt as though this day had come at a perfect time, no matter their age.

Just to give a little background on where Tessa and I were at mentally before this day began: this was our 6th wedding in a ROW at Stoltzfus Homestead. Now, we love this venue desperately but, after 6, we began to wonder how on earth we would be able to make this wedding look different than the others.

Cue Collin & Julianne. This couple has a refreshing life and vibrancy about them and I realized from the moment that I met them that their very personalities would be easy enough to capture in a way that would set their photos apart from the crowd.

Not to mention the horses! Julianne has a great love for horses and devised a secret plan involving a horse drawn carriage as an entrance to the ceremony that surprised the entire crowd, especially her anxiously awaiting groom. We knew that those photos would be our absolute favorite, and a Homestead first for us.

The warm August weather and sunshiny skies paired perfectly with this happy couple, and as the sun set, the breeze kicked in and it was a perfect night as the bonfire roared outside and the dance floor inside. With young age comes young energy, and it was contagious. Let me tell you, this was the most fun dancing we have seen in a while, Tessa and I walked around shooting photos with huge grins on our faces.

We are obsessed with this day; thanks for having us there, Mr. & Mrs. Miller!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Stoltzfus Homestead
Flowers: Pearls & Petals
DJ: Burnie with Portable Soundz
Dress: David Tutera – “Charlene”
Catering: Hess Catering

C&J-1 C&J-2 C&J-3 C&J-4 C&J-5 C&J-6 C&J-7 C&J-8 C&J-9 C&J-10 C&J-11 C&J-12 C&J-13 C&J-14 C&J-15 C&J-16 C&J-17 C&J-18 C&J-19 C&J-20 C&J-21 C&J-22 C&J-23 C&J-24 C&J-25 C&J-26 C&J-27 C&J-28 C&J-29 C&J-30C&J-31 C&J-32 C&J-34 C&J-35 C&J-36 C&J-37 C&J-38 C&J-39 C&J-40 C&J-41 C&J-42 C&J-43 C&J-44 C&J-45 C&J-46 C&J-47 C&J-48 C&J-49 C&J-50 C&J-51 C&J-52 C&J-53 C&J-54 C&J-55 C&J-56 C&J-57 C&J-58 C&J-59 C&J-60 C&J-61 C&J-62 C&J-63

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