Carson & Christy {Engaged}

I fell in love
the way you fall asleep:
and then all at once.
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

021-storyboardShe is kind and compassionate. He is hardworking and steady. She has a zeal for life and finds pure joy in the little moments. He is logical, but in a comforting way. She is sweet and a friend to all she comes in contact with. He is passionate about his convictions and stand for what he believes. She loves so well; her family and her friends. He likes music and traveling, learning new languages and has a thirst for knowledge. She loves him and he loves her.

My baby sister is getting married. I can remember the process of her falling for Carson, everyone knew they would be together before she would even allow herself to believe it.

Carson has loved Christy from day one, it just took Christy awhile to catch up. They have pictures from grade-school, memories of traveling with their families together on missions trip, and endless stories of growing up with one another. Their love story is simple and classic, how they met; Carson pursuing her for years and all of it reaching a proposal atop a skyscraper in NYC. Anyone who comes in contact with Christy and Carson knows they are a special couple. They balance one another and simply adore being around each other. Where Christy is indecisive, Carson is her guiding light. And it has been said that Christy has made Carson a bit of a softy. They have a passion for Jesus that is inspirational and a desire to live their lives according to his plan and purpose.

I am so honored to be standing by my sister this coming June and could not be more excited to welcome (another) Carson into the family. No worries, I’ll be off duty as the wonderful Svetlana Photography will be taking over to capture the day. It is going to be straight magic and I simply cannot wait.

Love you Shrish and Carson!

– T

P.s. Carson, I added some goofy ones just for you!
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  1. These are awesome! It sounds like you have the beginning of a maid of honor toast all prepared. Your words about them are beautiful.

  2. Congratulations, will enjoy observing from afar the journey that you both have been predestined for, as you link together as man and wife God unfolding plan for you Both will be revealed

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