Zach & Heather {Engaged}

“‘..cause I know there is strength
in the differences between us
and I know there is comfort
where we overlap”
-Ani Difranco’s

December 3, 2013: another winter day for some, but for Zach and Heather it

was the beginning of something great. The two shared dinner at El Serrano’s in Lancaster followed by a movie. They’ve built their relationship on quality time together; hiking, camping and any outdoor activities are among their favorites.

The two plan to marry next October at The Stoltzfus Homestead in Lancaster County.

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1 thought on “Zach & Heather {Engaged}”

  1. Aww congrats !!! You both look very happy!! Happy for you both!! I know your Mom greatful Zach ! Keep the Lord in your hearts & love & respect& listen to each other& keep each other lifted up& you will be good for each other. God Bless Sheila G

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