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Welcoming Vicki & Nicki to the TMI team.




Growing up in the small state of Delaware I never gave a thought to the big city just thirty minutes away from me. While working on my Associates of Fine Arts in photography from Delaware College of Art and Design, I knew I wanted to continue my education and obtain a Bachelors degree and that is when I found Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Before I had even finished out my first year in Philadelphia I knew I wanted to live the rest of my life in this city. In my last year of college I was introduced to wedding photography, something I never thought I would find myself doing, but instantly I fell in love. From the small details to the couples love for one another it is always exciting to see how every moment of the day is unique and special to their personalities. My favorite part of the wedding day is our time with just the couple capturing their excitement and love on their wedding day. I am so thankful that I have found my passion at such a young age and look forward to all of the future couples I will have the honor of photographing.

  • Favorite food, color, musician, tv show?

Salmon, blue, currently my favorite musician is lizzo, Shrill

  • What does is mean to “take pictures”?

To capture in a frame a moment of sadness, joy, an expression of the human condition.

  • What are some other passions you have?

My biggest passions besides photography are experimenting with new recipes along with trying out new makeup products.

  • What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Body positive boudoir. Empowering women at any size. 

  • What’s your morning routine like?

Most mornings I wake up just after five, do a full face of makeup, and head out to starbucks. (my other job)

  • What is the best purchase under $50 you’ve ever made?

My little black dress that fits me perfectly.

  • You have a billboard and write one phrase, what would it be?

I believe in passion for inclusion.




Like many of my fellow TMI girls, I also graduated from the Tyler School of Art in 2019. My focus was in Photography and I specialized in Alternative Processes such as Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown and Platinum/ Platinum Prints. A lot of my inspiration from my work comes from traveling and meeting new people. Growing up in Lancaster Pa, it was a life changing experience being able to study aboard in Rome during the summer of 2018. I feel that is a big reason why I love to take pictures of people and what better environment to do so than in wedding photography at Tessa Marie Images? I am currently interning here and it had been such an amazing experience. I feel that I have learned and will continue to learn so much about this industry while interning at this awesome company.

  • Favorite food, color, musician, tv show?

I’m always down for a Gluten free Grilled Cheese. My favorite color is Cobalt Blue. My most consistent musician that I have listened to would be Conor Oberst. The Office is my all time favorite TV show.

  • There are a lot of professions out there…why photography?

Art is not only my passion, but it is also my purpose. As a young child I was diagnosed with learning disabilities and my battle to succeed made me all that much more empathetic and curious about other people who struggled like me—not only in school, but in life. For me photography is a way to capture and connect to the most intimate moments of people’s lives—and I love that. Knowing someone has entrusted me with these treasured times is an honor and joy. I am humbled to be a part of this amazing profession.

  • What are some other passions you have?

Jewelry design, illustration, traveling, hiking, and working with children.

  • What does it mean to “take pictures”?

In the words of Susan Sontag, “To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability… All photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.”

  • What keeps your creativity going?

I am constantly inspired by my fellow female photographers. I am very lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive community!

  • If you had to gift a book, what would be your go to?

Hands down it would be — Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.

  • You have a billboard and write one phrase, what would it be?

I know it is super cheesy but this was what my dad use to always say to be growing up and it has become my motto in life, “Never Give Up” !


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