Travis & Katelyn {Wedding}

“I’ve been on the road too long
And I’ve been stuck inside a song
And you know our love
Has been through rougher weather

But our passion’s like a rose
The seasons tell it how it grows
And not much compares
To the times we’ve shared together.”

-Shawn Mullins, You Mean Everything to Me


Travis and Katelyn are without a doubt some the most relaxed and genuinely happy people I have ever met! Every minute between photos or between events was colored with Katelyn’s radiant smile, Travis spilling over with looks of pure adorations for his bride, lots of laughs, and occasionally a dance move or two. Along with a bridal party that was a perfect blend of fun, attentive, and emotional, our job was made so easy and enjoyable!

Every detail of this steamy September day was amazing, full of character, and reflected their passion for music; records scattered everywhere, sketched owls, lyrics read, and promises made to go to all of the best concerts during their vows. The music theme began even in the morning as gifts were exchanged. Katelyn laughed as she took 3 massive boxes into her arms and unwrapped a polaroid camera, a genuine mixed TAPE, complete with a cassette player, and a digital camera for her to take on their honeymoon to the Bahamas. Amazing. I would say Travis is definitely in the lead for greatest groom’s gift ever! She, in turn, hand-painted a picture of a dancing couple over top of sheet lyrics for their first dance song. Did I mention that these two had great details?!

Another amazing Homestead wedding is in the books, but Travis and Katelyn did an incredible job of making this venue completely theirs and we will never forget the day we spent with them! Best wishes to you, Mr. & Mrs. Grim!!


Dress: Country Threads by Gale
Florist: Pearls and Petals
Wedding Planner: Dawn with Stoltzfus Homestead
DJ: Sound Waves (Chris)
Videographer: Christopher Lee Films
Cake: Cupcakes – Sweet Sanctions
Catering: Big Bobs BBQ
Groomsmen: Banana Republic

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