Thom & Ginny {Wedding}

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with remover to remove. Oh no; it is an ever fixed mark, that looks on tempests, and is never shaken.” – Shakespeare
Thom & Ginny {Wedding}

Where do I even begin?

Thom & Ginny are a gem of a couple. They are fun-loving and that joy is contagious. When either walks into a room, you know it’s going to be a good time. But together, they are dynamic.

Haley and I had been looking forward to this day, even more so after our engagement session with them in the City a few weeks back. Thom promised me the greatest bridal party around and within minutes of meeting the girls the morning of their wedding, I knew he was right on in the female end and felt very confident the boys would follow suite.

Ginny and her girls primped and prepped in the beautiful bridal suite at The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, Finley Catering’s newest venue. Mirrors lined the wall as the bridesmaids had their hair sprayed, eyelashes curled and swept that final touch of lipstick on.

The weather outside was a mix of sunshine and rain. As we attempted to begin photos outdoors the skies decided to open up, leaving us with beginning on the beautiful stone entrance of the ballroom. Ginny was able to find every possible positive spin to all aspects of the day, and the weather was definitely not lost on that. To her, the rain wasn’t an inconvenience, but rather a romantic touch; as if we were lost in the countryside of a European town. With the weather’s quick passing we were able to nab some photos out on the beautiful grounds, the blue pastel colors of the dresses pairing perfectly with the fresh green of the Spring grass.

A black stretch limo whisked the girls away, traveling just a few miles to the ceremony. Over the next hour, the ceremony was personal and wonderful. From touches of music sung by dear friends, to the humor of the pastor and the underlining God honoring aspects to each part of the ceremony. A marriage built on this foundation, blessed by God with trusted witnesses to hold the couple accountable, is surely one set for success. The pastor even took the time to look around at those couples that had been married for decades, some over 60 years, a true testament to the shining examples that surround Thom & Ginny.

And then the party began, the reception was held in a ballroom drenched with white light and sparkle. The ceilings swept high, pairing perfectly with the twinkle of the center pieces. The bridal party was introduced and the first dances held and then the dancing began with the beats brought from DJ Freez (really, when he’s around, there is no option NOT to dance).

To cap off the night, we stole the couple for a few minutes to take advantage of the outdoor structure of the ballroom. Six stone pillars reaching towards the sky drenched in red light, a mix of class and regality.

Throughout the day I kept looking at Haley and asking, is anything going to go wrong? Every wedding day we face challenges; a shaking timeline, a disgruntled family member, a missing boutonniere etc. But this day was flawless, from start to finish. The timeline stuck from the very beginning to the end, and yes Thom, your bridal party crushed it. But what made it the most special was the love between Thom and Ginny. One of those kinds of love that inspires novels to be written. What an honor to be a part of it. Thank-you for allowing us to capture your love story!

– T

Engagement Session: Thom & Ginny {Engaged}

Second Photographer: Haley Adair

Ceremony Location: Manoa Presbyterian
Reception Location: Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

Dress: Sabrina Ann
Grooms & Groomsmen Attire: Mens Wearhouse
Florist: Rebecca Mullholland with RAM Floral
Wedding Planner: Jennifer with Ellis Preserve
Church Coordinator: Robin
DJ: Freez Entertainment 
Videographer: Video ONE
Cake & Catering: Finley Catering
Hair: Shanon with Blush Salon Newtown
Makeup: Jessica with Blush Salon Newtown
Additional Vendors: Marinus Ensemble

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