Steven & Stephany {Engaged}


“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

-Emily Bronte Withering Heights


Stephany was working at a restaurant and a coworker played match maker, dropping her number off to Steve…and well the rest is history. Last Saturday it rained from the start of the day till the sun set. But come Sunday, the temperature was perfect and the sun was back, joining a blue sky and puffy white clouds. Truly a photographers dream day.

We traveled to Cape May, NJ a particularly special spot for this soon to be bride. Stephany grew up in Cape May and within minutes of arriving, the little beach town won me over. We ventured past colorful little shops, vintage houses and families young and old taking in their days of vacation.

We cracked a beer on the beach and chased the sunset, closing the evening by the lighthouse and a splash in the ocean. I love all my engagement sessions but this is one for the books!

The two plan to venture back to Cape May for their wedding in October and I’m already counting down the days!

Makeup by Melissa Jane

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