Ryan & Colleen {Engaged}

i could watch you
for a single

and find
a thousand things
that I love
about you”
Ryan & Colleen met while teaching fitness classes at Drexel. After many failed attempts at planning to grab drinks together, Ryan finally asked Colleen to a more formal dinner. He kept the restaurant a surprise, and the very casual Colleen showed up a bit underdressed. A memory they still laugh about. In an attempt to seem sophisticated Ryan researched what wine to order with dinner. The two went to The Corner for drinks afterwards and both ordered their favorites, coincidentally being the same thing: rum and coke. The conversation was easy and they instantly made one another laugh.

Their relationship is silly and easy going but not forgetting the romance. Ryan loves her passion and dedication for others and Colleen, the way he is able to make her smile everyday.

They two will wed next June, both the first in their families to get married, I know the day will be extra special. I simply cannot wait!

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