My Mini Palace {Personal Post}

I started my photography business as a sophomore in college (2011). This required a lot of late nights and an endless amount of trips to Lancaster from Philadelphia. As my business grew, I also grew in my knowledge of photography. I had the fantastic experience of studying this

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art in college while, at the same time, applying what I was learning in the real world.

This past July I came to a crossroads. My current lease was up, and I had just recently graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts with a major in photography and minor in business from Tyler School of Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. Up to this point, I had continued growing my photography client base in Lancaster with a studio nearby my parents home while also acquiring new clients in the Philadelphia area, being able to take advantage of the fantastic studio and office spaces that was provided to me at Tyler School of Art.

After I walked in May, I was no longer able to use the resources at my art school, leaving me with a decision. Do I return to Lancaster and grow my business there or do I take a leap of faith, stay in Philadelphia and attempt to balance both markets?

It is an understatement to simply say, I love Philadelphia. I went from a scared little country girl, my freshman year of college, to now; an independent city dweller. I still love the simplicity of Lancaster and the peace the place holds but my heart is in Philadelphia.

I then debated moving in with a few friends and renting out a studio space in the Philadelphia area. After some thought and internal debate I decided the wisest decision would be to combine the two in a space that I could work from home.

This past August I moved into a space in the Manayunk area, allowing me a quick home commute to continue to work with all my Lancaster based clients but also providing the space to continue to grow in Philadelphia. Because I am living on my own, I have been able to convert the space to fit my business needs. The living room is now my client meeting area, and the entire third floor, my office space with plenty of room for my assistant, my intern and myself.

I know Philadelphia is where I’m called to be, beyond business there is so much potential here. I am increasingly involved in my amazing church, Epic as well as surrounded by quality friends.

I will continue to work in the Lancaster area, commuting back and forth but will be based out of Philadelphia.

I love my new little palace and can’t wait for the future dinners, catch up coffee in the kitchen, meetings with my wonderful clients and hours of productive editing ahead. Growing up is a bit scary but more than that it is exciting and I can’t wait for what it to come!

A huge, huge THANK-YOU to my amazing and supportive parents who not only helped with the moving process but provided a TON of furniture from their fantastic store in Intercourse, PA (The Smucker Village). Blessed to say the least…Check out the renovations below! Pictures of the completed office space to come:

The_Palace_-1 The_Palace_-2 The_Palace_-3 The_Palace_-4 The_Palace_-5 The_Palace_-6 The_Palace_-7 The_Palace_-9 The_Palace_-10 The_Palace_-11 The_Palace_-8 The_Palace_-12 The_Palace_-13 The_Palace_-14 The_Palace_-15 The_Palace_-16 The_Palace_-17 The_Palace_-18 The_Palace_-19 The_Palace_-20

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  1. Tessa! I am so incredibly proud of you! You have grown so much and I cannot wait to see where you go from here! Congratulations on your own space!

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