Michael & Laura {Engaged}

Last evening, Michael and Laura braved the bitter cold of one of the craziest winters Lancaster has ever seen. Michael is enlisted in the air force and is currently stationed in South Dakota. My perspective on the weather quickly changed when Michael spoke of the 30 degree below temperatures South Dakota has been receiving.

Michael was able to fly home for a few days before he heads out for his five month deployment. I am so pleased we were able to schedule a session since Michael will not be returning till the week before their wedding!

Michael and Laura are a classic love story.

They met in middle school. They wouldn’t have considered each other close friends in their early days of schooling, but by junior year, they were best friends. Their friendship continued throughout the seasons of college and changing locations.

Michael enlisted in the Air Force, January 2013 and left for basic training in Texas. Although they no longer saw each other as often, their friendship continued through written letters and long phone calls. He was finally able to return home for two weeks this past July and they realized that they were the perfect match.

I love how Laura tells their story:

“Although we have been very close for many years, we had finally become the people we wanted to be and we realized we go together perfectly. We dated for six months before Michael popped the question – both traveling between South Dakota and Pennsylvania to see each other. Six months may seem quick to a lot of people, but who really knows you better than your best friend?”

They describe their relationship as fun and adventurous. Both sharing a passion for traveling. Their casual relationship is very apparent in how they interact. I love how comfortable they are and it is evident that Laura and Michael simply click.

Thank-you so much for your service, Michael. Stay safe and see you both in August!

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