Matt & Kathleen {Engaged}

Best part of my job? I get to make tons of new friends. I get to hear their stories and I get to be beside them throughout one of the most fun processes of their lives.

Kathleen is a prime example. I knew from her first email that we would be instant friends. Once I found out her fiance, Matt was a fellow Temple University alumnus…well the rest was history. We all know those that are Temple Made are cream of the crop. (okay, I may be slightly biased).

Lets rewind to 2005, a much younger Matt was a sophomore in highschool and Kathleen, a freshman. The two attended Salem High School but it wasn’t until two years later that they had a history class together. It only took Kathleen a few weeks till she fell for this upperclassman. But this high-school crush was quickly put on the back-burner.

Their true love story didn’t begin till May 2013. Kathleen was a recent college grad when she received a message from this “blast from the past”. What began as an awkward encounter lead to a 4 hour conversation, to the constant texting, phone calls, skype dates and even a booked flight to Nashville.

Kathleen and Matt live by the motto, “If you love something let it go and if it comes back to you it is yours forever.”

I knew their engagement session would be a blast but it may have taken the title for my favorite one of 2015. The chilly winter day didn’t stop these two from catching the sunset in a canoe on a private pond.

I am beyond excited to continue this process with Matt and Kathleen! More from their e-session below!

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