Kyle & Jenna {Wedding}

“Falling in love could be achieved in a single word – a glance.”

022-storyboardJenna & Kyle haven’t been together long, but the way they interact is as if it has been a lifetime. In just a short time they have built this life together that is so sweet and uncomplicated. Spend thirty seconds with these two and you are inspired by the ease at which they interact and the tangible love they have for one another.

Their wedding day was just another chapter in their love story, and beautiful it was. On a historic estate, friends and family gathered to take part in witnessing Jenna & Kyle pledge their forevers. Their precious babe was pulled down the aisle in a wagon and Tellur was able to witness mom and dad on their most special day. With personalized vows and the declaration from the pastor Jenna & Kyle were announced husband and wife.

Tucked away amongst scattered trees, standing tall and spreading their limbs, were barn wood tables, complete with eclectic china and the table drenched in purple flowers and sprinkled sunlight. The charm was off the chart.

The heat didn’t stop this party from happening. The crowd moved indoors and danced the night away. We stole away the couple for a sunset session to cap the evening off. The day was breathtaking from start to finish. Congratulations Jenna & Kyle, we are so honored to have taken part in your day!

– T

Ceremony & Reception: Bear Mill Estate
Dress: Posh Bridal
Florist: Kerry Kegerise at Bear Mill Estate
DJ: DJ Freez
Cake: Oregon Dairy

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