Dan & Brooke {Engaged}

4On a very, very windy November afternoon I met up with Dan and Brooke. Dan is an old family friend but it didn’t take long till it felt I knew Brooke forever as well. The two are comfortable and fun. They giggle at one another and seemingly get lost in their moments together.

Dan and Brooke

both grew up in New Holland, PA, literally a few blocks away from one another. Brooke was friends with Dan’s sister while Dan was friends with Brooke’s sister. But it took a New Year’s party to finally bring them together. Brooke was picking up that same sister and ran into Dan. The two spent the evening talking and well, you can guess the rest.

A favorite aspect of my job is getting to see and hear stories unfold. I love how timing works and hearing the tiny coincidences that can impact the rest of your life. I already can imagine the country lovin’ party that awaits next August. It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun. 19 6 7 5 14 15 13 16 17 20 2 3 12 11 10 18 1 9

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