Bloopers & Behind the Scenes {2014}


It’s about that time, time for our most fun and embarrassing post of the year.

2014 was a good one. Our first full year in the business and with that came a lot of traveling, meeting amazing vendors, new experiences and a ton of awesome couples. I began shooting weddings with my dear college friend, Juliana Laury. This year we parted ways to focus more on our individual businesses. You should check her out, because she’s continuing to do amazing things. And with that Tessa & Jenessa was born. I moved my office to Philadelphia and we traveled all over the place. Lots of hours on the road, endless days of editing and a tons of epic parties. 2014, you were good to us. So here you go…Tessa Marie Images behind the scenes.

2014_Bloopers-1 2014_Bloopers-2 2014_Bloopers-3 2014_Bloopers-4 2014_Bloopers-5

22014_Bloopers-6 2014_Bloopers-7 2014_Bloopers-8 2014_Bloopers-9 2014_Bloopers-10 2014_Bloopers-11 Above: Always good to have family in the business. Burnie Smucker with Portable Soundz!2014_Bloopers-12 2014_Bloopers-13 2014_Bloopers-14 2014_Bloopers-15 2014_Bloopers-16 2014_Bloopers-17 2014_Bloopers-18 2014_Bloopers-19 2014_Bloopers-20 2014_Bloopers-21 2014_Bloopers-22 2014_Bloopers-23 Above: We’re boutonniere pinning pros.2014_Bloopers-24 Above: Undercover for Jenessa and Dan’s proposal in Washington DC!2014_Bloopers-25 2014_Bloopers-26 2014_Bloopers-27 2014_Bloopers-28 Above: My brother, a groomsmen in Shawn & Liz’ wedding!2014_Bloopers-29Above: Always checking out her new bling2014_Bloopers-302014_Bloopers-31 2014_Bloopers-32 2014_Bloopers-33 2014_Bloopers-34 Above: I spy with my little eye, Jenessa getting a wide shot. 2014_Bloopers-35 2014_Bloopers-36 2014_Bloopers-38 2014_Bloopers-39 2014_Bloopers-40 Above: My new baby, Ms. Pearl. 2014_Bloopers-41 2014_Bloopers-42 2014_Bloopers-43 2014_Bloopers-44 2014_Bloopers-45 2014_Bloopers-46 2014_Bloopers-47 2014_Bloopers-48 2014_Bloopers-49 2014_Bloopers-50 2014_Bloopers-51 Above: Jenessa taking a break from behind the camera for her ENGAGEMENT shoot.2014_Bloopers-52 2014_Bloopers-53 2014_Bloopers-54 Above: The moments in between. 2014_Bloopers-55 2014_Bloopers-56 2014_Bloopers-57 _DSC61622014_Bloopers-58 2014_Bloopers-59 2014_Bloopers-60 2014_Bloopers-61 2014_Bloopers-62 2014_Bloopers-63 2014_Bloopers-64 2014_Bloopers-65 Above: Starting them young.2014_Bloopers-66 2014_Bloopers-67 R&D20141213_551 R&D20141213_601 R&D20141213_648 R&D20141213_653 2014_Bloopers-682015 we’re coming for ya…


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