Best of 2014 {Weddings & Engagements}

And just like that, 2014 has come to a close. The year held a ton of huge milestones. It was our first full year in the business, we photographed over 20 AMAZING weddings and Jenessa joined the team. Preparations are well underway for an amazing 2015 and we are stoked about each and every bride and groom that has already chosen to trust us with their epic day! In a recap, we figured we would share our favorite frames of 2014. Which one is your favorite?12_20_14_S&K-10 2014_Favorites-1 2014_Favorites-2 2014_Favorites-3 2014_Favorites-4 2014_Favorites-5 2014_Favorites-6 2014_Favorites-7 2014_Favorites-8 2014_Favorites-9 2014_Favorites-10 2014_Favorites-11 2014_Favorites-12 2014_Favorites-13 2014_Favorites-14 2014_Favorites-15 2014_Favorites-16 2014_Favorites-17 2014_Favorites-18 2014_Favorites-19 2014_Favorites-20 2014_Favorites-21 2014_Favorites-22 2014_Favorites-23 2014_Favorites-24 2014_Favorites-25 2014_Favorites-26 2014_Favorites-27 2014_Favorites-28 2014_Favorites-29 2014_Favorites-30 2014_Favorites-31 2014_Favorites-32 2014_Favorites-33 2014_Favorites-34 2014_Favorites-35

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