Allen & Siobhan {Engaged}


Allen and Siobhan met through one of Siobhan’s closest friends. She was stopping by to visit her friend during an exceptionally boring night shift at the police department. It just so happened that two Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department were also working.

The first thing Siobhan noticed about Allen was his truck, but not in a good way. All the lights decorating the vehicle, in her mind, meant it belonged to a very annoying Fire Fighter. Even upon meeting, Siobhan walked away with not the best impressions of Allen. Little did she know he was currently in the middle of a break up and in no mood to impress.

Weeks passed and the two, both working in the same building, continued to rub shoulders. Allen knew there was a connection before Siobhan and began to pursue her, at first, casually by inviting her out through Facebook. The very uninterested Siobhan continued to decline, but as all good love stories go, Allen didn’t take no for an answer. Siobhan saw him as a friend, but one evening with no plans, no work and no school, Siobhan said yes to a movie. Siobhan quickly learned her first impression was very wrong and the two started officially dating a week later beginning their relationship in May 2012.

Just goes to show you can’t judge a man by his truck…

Their relationship is easy; they bond over the sentimental and truly have a friendship as their basis. They hold value in their outside friendships and support one another’s life pursuits.

The other evening we met at Valley Forge National Park, the location of their second date. It was a joy meeting and hanging out with them for the evening and I cannot wait for their country wedding at the Stoltzfus Homestead next Fall!

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