Alan & Julie {Engaged}

“Laughter is holier than piety, freedom is sweeter than fame, and in the end it’s love and love alone that really matters.” – Tom Robbins

I love how Alan and Julie describe their first date. It was at a restaurant in Pasadena, California. With the restaurant being nearly empty, and the waiter attentive but aware to keep his distance, the two spent hours getting to know on another. The conversation flowed effortlessly and they both decided to continue the evening with a walk to City Hall. It was a cool evening, just cool enough to need a fleece jacket and as they walked through City Hall they shared their first kiss.

Now years later, engaged to be married, with a whole bucket full of memories, we met at a different City Hall. I was coming off of several days of shooting and quite honestly was feeling a bit tired and void of creativity. None the less, I was extremely excited to meet these two after chatting with them via Facetime during their consultation.

Within minutes, my creativity was completely brought back to life and I was energized by the positive vibes and goofiness that these two exude. The evening was SO MUCH FUN, seriously, I loved every second of it. Alan & Julie are kooky in the most amazing way. They interact with one another in such a silly manner, yet it is mixed with this air of romance that translates so well in front of the lens.

As I left the session I was reminded of how blessed I am to do what I do; to hear the love stories and be even a small part of documenting what so many years and memories have built. I consider it a great honor to work with some of the best couples around, and Alan & Julie are no exception.

They will wed at the Hotel Monaco in October and it is sure to be a WONDERFUL event. Cannot wait to celebrate with you both!

– T

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