Jeff & Lauren {Engaged}

“They loved each other, not driven by necessity, by the “blaze of passion” often falsely
ascribed to love. They loved each other because everything around them willed it, the trees and the clouds and the sky over their heads and the earth under their feet. Perhaps their surrounding world, the strangers they met in the street, the wide expanses they saw in their walks, the rooms in which they lived or met, took more delight in their love than they themselves did. ”
– Doctor Zhivago/Boris Pasternak008-storyboardSometimes your friends really do know best. Jeff and Lauren were introduced by Lauren’s roommate Nicole (who happens to be a future, well-deserved bridesmaid). She had wanted to set them up for a year before they actually met. On a casual evening, they met in Lauren’s living room and have been together ever since.

The two live just outside of New York city and often spend evenings exploring Central Park, this location seemed the perfect fit for their e-session. On a very warm Spring Saturday we met at the park. By the time we began the beating sun had settled just enough to create a comfortable evening. We walked all over the park, the two pointing out their favorite spots. We got distracted left and right as there was an endless amount of beautiful spots to choose from.

It was such a fun evening not only photographing Jeff & Lauren but hearing a bit more about their lives together. They are so fitting for one another and have an ease about them when they interact, pure naturals in front of the lens! To say I am excited for their April wedding is an understatement.

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