Jack & Kristine {Engaged}

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” – Marilyn Monroe


Anyone who grew up in the country knows there is nothing like a good old fashioned bon-fire, surrounded by friends, the smoky smell clingy to your clothes and hours of conversation around the warmth of the glowing fire. It was at such an event that Jack and Kristine met one another. Shortly after, they spent their first date indulging in a hot pizza and gazing at a sky full of stars. They fit together with ease, and their relationship holds no frills or complications. The Homestead, in the little town of Intercourse, PA, will be an absolutely perfect venue for them to say their “I Do’s”. 10 15 3 4 6 5 8 7 2 16 12 9 1 11 17 14

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