Tessa Marie Images

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Growing up in the small state of Delaware I never gave a thought to the big city just thirty minutes away from me. While working on my Associates of Fine Arts in photography from Delaware College of Art and Design, I knew I wanted to continue my education and obtain a Bachelors degree and that is when I found Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Before I had even finished out my first year in Philadelphia I knew I wanted to live the rest of my life in this city. In my last year of college I was introduced to wedding photography, something I never thought I would find myself doing, but instantly I fell in love. From the small details to the couples love for one another it is always exciting to see how every moment of the day is unique and special to their personalities. My favorite part of the wedding day is our time with just the couple capturing their excitement and love on their wedding day. I am so thankful that I have found my passion at such a young age and look forward to all of the future couples I will have the honor of photographing.

  • What does is mean to “take pictures”?

To capture in a frame a moment of sadness, joy, an expression of the human condition.

  • What are some other passions you have?

My biggest passions besides photography are experimenting with new recipes along with trying out new makeup products.

  • What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Body positive boudoir. Empowering women at any size. 

  • What is the best purchase under $50 you’ve ever made?

My little black dress that fits me perfectly.

  • You have a billboard and write one phrase, what would it be?

I believe in passion for inclusion.