2013 Bloopers and Behind the Scenes

It’s that time of year again! January means moving forward with new goals but also reflecting on the previous years accomplishments. This means, BLOOPERS! I love taking the time to remember the moments that happened in order to create the beautiful imagery as well as the funny happenings in between. Please excuse our appearances, there’s a reason we’re behind the camera!



That time we enlisted a willing bridesmaid to help. Thank-you, Stella!Bloopers-4 Bloopers-3 Bloopers-2



Truly could not have gotten through this year without this girl!BlooperI have some pretty awesome clients.

Bloopers-9Bloopers-5Bloopers-8The water made for epic shots but also helped with those hot summer days!Bloopers-7 Bloopers-6Bloopers-20Bloopers-21Never a dull moment with the Grahams!

Bloopers-10Bloopers-11 Bloopers-12Bloopers-13 Bloopers-14 Bloopers-15Bloopers-18 Bloopers-19

Climbing barn rafters!Bloopers-22

A little behind the scene fine art work. This time getting in touch with my Amish heritage.

Bloopers-16We had no grid holder and somehow managed to create our own! (I now have bought three so this never happens again!)

Bloopers-17A year of photography means lots and lots of light testing.

Bloopers-23 Bloopers-24 Bloopers-25 Bloopers-26My partner in crime, getting through the hot summer weddings dressed in all black.

Bloopers-27Bloopers-28 Bloopers-29

Can’t wait for the memories to come in 2014!


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