Kevin & Sam {Esession by Tessa}

“It’s that
heart of gold,
& stardust soul
that makes you
– r.m. broderick

Tinder wins again.

Seriously, out of all the dating apps this is the one we hear of the most! It was definitely fate with these two. Kevin & Sam are an adorable pair and their story is one for the books. Neither had dating on the mind. Sam was living outside of Wilmington, DE and Kevin in East Earl, PA. They both happened to be in Lancaster City the same evening and hopped on the popular dating app. Sam had recently found herself on some pretty awful dates, so the expectation when they set their meet was pretty low. But as the gentleman Kevin is, he treated Sam to a classy Italian dinner in downtown Kennett Square. Sam says the mix of his sweet personality and goofy jokes simply swept her off her feet. Now, the two plan to marry in that same little town.

Samantha loves how calm, caring and understanding Kevin is. They communicate so well and he is the perfect balance to help her not get stuck in the inevitable lazy ruts and he doesn’t let the anxiety and stress from work get the best of her. He would do anything for his girl.

Kevin adores pretty much everything about Sam and this is clear within minutes of being around them. He is drawn to the balance that she brings, their compatibility and her flexibility.

I met the two in the same city that the fateful Tinder brought them together, Lancaster. We galavanted around town, Samantha all giggles. They fell into a sweet ease around one another and it felt like spending the evening with dear friends.

Another amazing couple to add to the list. Again, I am so humbled and honored to be able to document another love story.

The two will wed next summer at the Inn at Mendenhall and it is sure to be a sweet celebration.

– T

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