Jay & Allison {Esession by Tessa}

“Sweet love hear me callin’ out your name
I feel no shame; I’m in love
Sweet love, don’t you ever go away
It’ll always be this way”

It was June 2014, Jay & Allison were introduced by Allison’s highschool BFF, who happened to be Jay’s coworker at the time. The two met for drinks at Devil’s Alley on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia after work on a Friday. They ended up talking so long that they decided to continue the evening with dinner and walked the short trip to Black Sheep pub on Locust. Continuing late into the evening, they concluded their night at Irish Pub. From the get-go it was comfortable and familiar, just right.

They describe their relationship as trusting, comfortable and playful. Allison loves his complete openness and how Jay keeps her priority with each decision he makes. Jay loves how she is always herself and she can keep him in line and call him on his bull.

I had the pleasure of meeting these two in Old City black Friday morning. The temps were FRIGID but these two were down for it. Embracing the chill with open arms. And it is true, they have this comfortable presence about them, not only with each other but with those they interact with. They have this sweet respect for the other individual and it is so evident how much they adore one another. I could not be more excited to have the honor to continue documenting this love story. Thanks for being so awesome and making my job a “chilly” breeze.

– T


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