William & Marryn {E-session by Tessa}

“Have you ever experienced something
so astonishingly beautiful,
you wanted nothing more
than for that moment to be burned
and in your mind be born
fresh once more?

The greatest second you will
ever have on this earth is
the exact moment you fell
in love.”

– Christopher Poindexter

Marryn and William have quite the story. William’s brother is married to Marryn’s sister (wrap your head around that one), so they knew each other for years before their relationship formed. In fact, it was at the wedding of their siblings that their love story began. They hung out a few times after the wedding but nothing really came of it…at first that is.

That following summer William went to bootcamp and Marryn was busy at college. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving of 2016 that they both had breaks and ended up reconnecting. This time, it was the real deal and the two began dating.

Military relationships can be tough. There are lots of months of separation and often times the relationship forms long distance. It takes commitment and perseverance. But these two were up for the challenge. Through it, it is so evident they have found a depth to their relationship, a trust in their love and a great anticipation for all that is to come.

Washington D.C. is one of Marryn’s favorite cities, so it was only fitting that during a quick home visit from William, we would venture that way for their e-session. We planned the night and crossed our fingers for a nice evening, completely forgetting on both Marryn and I’s part, that we were planning to travel to our Nation’s Capital the day before July 4th. Maybe not our smartest move.

But the night that unfolded couldn’t have been more perfect. After a quick beginning at the Lincoln Memorial we decided to switch up the plan and head to a memorial that was hopefully not so crowded. We ended up at the Jefferson Memorial, which we all agreed was our new favorite memorial. The two weathered the heat, interacting with ease and making our job so very fun.

It truly felt like hanging with old friends. Haley & I couldn’t have loved the evening more!

– T


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