Brian & Chelsea

To start I have to admit I didn’t meet with any other photographers other than Tessa, but I can honestly say, I 100% don’t regret not wasting another minute looking. Tessa was absolutely amazing to work with and I knew it from the first meeting. If you are looking for a photographer that is professional yet extremely personable, high energy, striving for the highest quality and someone with a beautiful personality, I would stop looking as well, because she has it all. And her assistant Jenessa is a perfect match to her and they were a dream to work with. They both have an artistic eye that makes for amazing pictures. Tessa knows exactly how to get a perfect shot and you can tell by her work ethic that she is doing everything to make each shot look beautiful. My husband and I are not very comfortable in front of the camera and I would never consider us photogenic, but Tessa has this special skill of making us comfortable and relaxed in every picture. She was an amazing “coach” and knew exactly how to direct us for the beautiful pictures. On our wedding day she was beyond flexible and patient and worked around the chaos that ensues with any wedding day. She made huge efforts to focus on me as the bride to get amazing pictures as Jenessa took time to photograph the groomsmen getting ready. I could go on and on about how much I loved working with Tessa, but I’ll just end with saying that I couldn’t imagine this process and my wedding day without her and I cant wait to continue to watch her and her company grow into an even bigger success than it already is.

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