Matthias & Taryn {Esession by Haley}

Meet me

where the end begins,

in echoes,

where your world is me,

and my world is you.

perry poetry

Taryn and Matt have been patiently awaiting their engagement photos for a while now. Between the hectic schedules of a wedding photographer in the fall and accountants in the spring, we had to find just the right time. We had tossed around a few different ideas for their photos, snow being one of them, and last week our plans finally fell into place. With just the right amount of snow, and a chilly enough morning to keep it all from melting, I met up with these two. We began outside their apartment, which is an old church that has been converted into living spaces. Between that amazing building, and the fact that they’re only a few blocks away from all the art museums, we could have shot all day and not run out of locations, and were it not for the freezing temperatures, we may have

Matt and Taryn’s lives have aligned so perfectly. They both attended West Chester in the same major, where they met, and both ended up working in Philly, landing jobs at the same accounting firm. They are getting into the home stretch of planning their August wedding at the Booking House, and I may be just as excited for their day as they are!


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