Kenya 2018 {The Neema Project}

NEEMA is an amazing organization. I had the pleasure to return for year two to photograph this fantastic project.

“What happens to the kids on your refrigerator (or the one who never made it there) once they grow up, start making their own decisions and their own mistakes, building a hope and a future? NEEMA picks up where childhood sponsorship left off, empowering the most vulnerable of girls to become all they can as women, discovering their purpose and value and building skills set to thrive.”

This isn’t just another school. These girls’ lives are literally redirected and changed through what they learn at NEEMA. They are given one of the most valuable tools in that part of the world, a way to support themselves through the art of sewing. In a culture run by men and the mistreatment of women, they are taught their worth and their value not only as individuals but as daughters of Christ. They are cared for and nourished, their children are supported. For three years they work hard. The program is not easy by any means, but if they stick with it, it changes the trajectory of their lives.

The organization is run by Faith Wise from the United States, but the day-to-day life on the compound is all structured under Kenyan teachers. Each and every one of these teachers are passionate about their job and the girls they care for. There is so much potential, so many big dreams for how this organization could change the community.

Do yourself a favor and go ahead and follow them:

To check out images and a write up from the trip last year, check out this blog post: The Neema Project 2017

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