Joe & Jackie {Esession by Tessa & Haley}

“You call it madness, but I call it love.”
– Don Byas

This one is extra special to me. Jackie is my BFF from high-school, we both then attended Temple University and now live in Philadelphia. As my dad would say, she is a gem. So to say she deserves the best, and my standards are high, is an understatement. Cue Joe. This kid loves Jackie hard. It may be a cliche, but I have never seen Jack so happy or more herself then when she is around Joe. They have this goofy relationship yet it still holds depth and commitment.

They met while studying abroad in London. The first time they got dinner together, just the two of them, was after Jackie’s internship at Film London in Shoreditch, the hip section of London. They set off walking for an evening destination and ended up at a casual pizza joint. Chatting about school, their lives back home, and their hopes for the rest of their time in London. They fell in love in London, and while sometimes these relationships change when back stateside, it only grew for them. Traveling together has now become a staple, from London, Wales, Belgium and Amsterdam while abroad to traveling the states to places such as New Orleans and Nashville.

In adorable fashion, Joe asked for Jackies forever at home in the bedroom of their apartment that they had been living in the past four years. Light were hung, flower petals spread and candles lit. Casual yet romantic, their relationship in a nutshell.

Probably the biggest thing Joe brought to the relationship is his love, no his obsession, with the Sixers. He is an avid fan, even with tattoos to prove it and years of season tickets. Jackie had the idea that for their engagement session they should reach out to The Sixers and just see what the option would be with photographing it at Wells Fargo. They’ve got some kind of favor, because his season ticket rep was in a good mood and literally jumped through all of the hoops to set up our session on the court. It could not have been more perfect or more fun. HUGE shout out to the staff at The Sixers that were accommodating from start to finish!

Stoltzfus Homestead is a venue in Lancaster that we shoot at often, and I am SO VERY PUMPED, to hand the camera over to Haley and stand by my dear friend this coming September. It will sure to be a celebration to remember! LOVE YOU, Jack & Joe, so blessed to call you friends.

– T

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