Jeff & Jess {Engaged}

“Call it fate, destiny, call it luck you ended up with me
But some things are meant to be
Coincidence, circumstance
Or something bigger thats just out of our hands
But some things are meant to be.”
Sammy Kershaw

This session was EXTRA special for me. I adore all of my couples, but when they are friends beforehand…it is even better. I’ve served alongside Jeff on the worship team at our church in Philadelphia, Epic, for several years now. And as of recently, jammed with him in the band, The Electives. He is one of the best guys I know. I met Jess through him, and obviously he chose a keeper. Jess is the sweetest, a loyal friend with the biggest heart. Together, they take the cake for greatest couple around.

Jess was working for LaSalle where Jeff was in grad school. They ended up getting each other’s numbers and Jeff asked Jess for help on an assignment…quite the excuse, as Jess says she never actually ended up helping him with any assignment. Over some brief conversation they realized they literally lived RIGHT around the corner from one another. Naturally, drinks at the cute corner bar was a must. For their engagement session, we met right outside that same bar, photographing at the exact location of their first date.

Now three years later they have traveled very far from that corner bar together, from St. Thomas and Costa Rica, to Paris and San Diego, and of course, plenty of road trips. Just as much as they love traveling they’re always up for a quiet night in or an evening out playing quizzo (seriously, I’ve experienced it…they are legends).

It has been their faith that has shaped and grown their relationship. Jeff introduced Jess to the community at Epic Church, where they both serve on teams and are apart of lifegroups. And who could forget their child, Bayley; the pup that Jeff is happy to adopt.

Jess expressed that she has never been so confident in something as she is in their relationship, primarily due to his love for her and for Jesus. And as Jeff said during the proposal, he has believed in them all along.

It is a VERY RARE occurrence that I am a guest at a wedding with no responsibilities, but I will be handing over control to Haley and Victoria and could not be more excited to celebrate with Jeff & Jess in this upcoming summer wedding.

Love you guys, and so stoked to witness how God is going to use your relationship for some awesome things.

– T

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