James & Lynda {Esession by Haley}

“If there’s one thing I am sure of, I am sure that you have always belonged with me.”

-Akif Kickloo


James and Lynda’s love story began like many others – online. However, it was perfect timing and some encouragement from a friend that led them to each other. It was Lynda’s first week and James’ last on the app, and if it wasn’t for Lynda’s friend encouraging her to give it a chance at just the right time, they could have been separated by even a few days, and their paths may never have crossed.¬†For their first date they went to a restaurant near both of their homes, and had hours of effortless conversation. Lynda remembers texting a friend to give an update and raving about how unusually well it was going, and that she was skeptical. But there was no need, the connection between these two was real. Nearly two years later they bought a house together, a fixer upper if you will, and began the work gutting and redoing it. One December evening they decided to go check the progress of the house. Lynda wasn’t expecting anything, but while they were standing in the master bedroom, planning and dreaming about their future together in the house, James got down on one knee and proposed. An unexpected but perfect surprise! Now the house is finished and they are on to planning their next big adventure together. I had so much fun with James and Lynda walking around Longwood Gardens as it was decorated for Christmas. They braved the cold like champs, and I can’t wait for their wedding this summer!


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