Charlie & Christine {Esession by Tessa}

β€œIt was instinctive, the way I fell for you. like an effortless intake of breath.” – John Walker

On an evening in D.C. I had the pleasure of hanging with Christine and Charlie. It was chilly, but the sun was shining and the fall foliage was out to play. These two quickly became my favorites and I felt as if I was spending time with dear friends all evening. They simply adore one another, which is so easy to capture in front of the lens. Beyond that though, their relationship holds depth and purpose. It is easy to see that they are both goal oriented and determined to succeed, yet there is this beauty in the way that they support each others dreams.

Charlie and Christine met through mutual friends in a snow storm. Not just a few flurries, but one of those shut-down-the-city, storm of the century, snow storms. Where you could walk the open streets, not a vehicle in sight. After meeting, they decided to go on a first date the eve of Christine’s birthday to a historic restaurant called Old Ebbit Grill. Charlie was fighting a stomach bug, but was so excited to spend the evening with this girl that he pushed through. Afterwards, they were suppose to go down the street to a rooftop for after-dinner drinks. The then sick Charlie, had to decline and claimed he was tired (leaving Christine a bit bewildered as she thought the date was going well). The next day she found out he had to call off work because he was so sick. Christine ended up feeling awful and brought ginger ale and medicine to his house. They say it was love ever since!

The two are now making their wedding plans for August of next year. It is sure to be a sweet celebration. I am already counting down the days!

– T

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