Brian & Sarah {Esession by Haley}

“Our love

is the thrill of adventurous exploration

with no fear of being lost

because I will always have your hand to hold.”

– Leo Christopher

The need for adventure flows through Sarah and Brian’s beings, from the way they met, to the trips they take together, and even the spot they chose for their engagement session. Sarah and Brian met while running a 5k. They were both tailgating with friends and happened to park near each other. Brian’s friends left for the grocery store, and even though they weren’t allowed back into the paring lot, they walked all the way back to Sarah’s car to deliver some salt and a lime to go with their tequila. They eventually found their way back to each other, and Sarah and Brian ran the whole race together. Keeping with the theme, their first few dates were running together. It wasn’t until the 3rd of 4th date that they finally got to see each other in normal clothes, but the rest is history. These two still love to go on adventures together – they’ve recently traveled through Thailand and are currently training for a triathlon.

Brian and Sarah often come to this part of the Wissahickon trail by the river to run, hike, and play with their dog, Luna. Luna is an extremely important member of the family, so of course she accompanied us for photos, but she was not feeling photogenic this day. Even the bribe of treats couldn’t do it. I think Luna was expecting a nice walk through the woods, and wasn’t happy that she was tricked into a photoshoot (we will see if she redeems herself on their wedding day). Sarah and Brian are such a fun, sweet couple. They love, challenge, and support each other through everything. I am so happy to have the privilege of working with them. I hope the next year goes fast because their wedding day is sure to be one of the best!


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