And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

And the rain will make the flowers grow.

Victor Hugo – Les Miserables

Brad and Ashley were in the same dorm their freshman years at University of Maryland. But it wasn’t until a year later that they went out on their first date. They had a romantic dinner in Washington D.C. complete with a walk around the national mall, the monuments lit against the dark sky. From the very beginning their relationship was easy, they seem to just fit.

Over the years they have built a life together with plenty of memories to fill. From watching the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl together to attending a concert of one of their favorite singers (Tom Chaplin), live in a small DC theater. Their first vacation away together was exploring Seattle and short there after they both graduated from that first school that brought them together. They also LOVE visiting zoos, and make it a point to visit zoos at all the places that they travel to.¬†They’ve expanded their family with two little kitties, Rogue and Easton and have recently embarked on the adventures of homeownership.

Brad loves her kindness and Ashley loves his passion and love for things that are most important to him.

I finally got to meet these two in person on a chilly Winter morning. There is something peaceful about the quiet streets of Philadelphia just days after the holiday bustle. These two really are the perfect pair. It truly felt like spending the morning with dear friends, as they carry this comfortable and easy presence with them.

They plan to wed this Spring at one of our favorite beach towns, Cape May and we simply cannot wait for the celebration!

– T

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