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Matt & Maddie {Engaged}

“Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.” -William Shakespeare


Matt & Maddie both attended Penn State University, but it wasn’t until after they graduated that their paths crossed. They were both living in D.C. at the time and mutual friends had them meet. Shortly after, their first date took place with a Sunday afternoon movie and an italian dinner, completed with a stroll around D.C.

They describe their relationship as energetic, effortless and passionate. Both are avid lovers of the outdoors. Although their relationship has taken on long distance and new jobs their relationships remains unwavering. They plan to marry at The Stoltzfus Homestead May of next year.

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Justin & Krista {Engaged}

“I love her and that is the beginning and end of everything.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


Justin and Krista met as two young teenagers attending a Christian camp, Tel Hai, located in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. Through the years their friendship remained but it wasn’t until they counseled at that same camp, years later, that they began to see each other in a different light.

Their first official date was at Texas Roadhouse, as they walked to their car, Justin spilled all of his leftovers on Krista. Surprisingly, the date continued with hours of talking at a nearby Barnes and Noble.

He loves that she is an eternal optimist, able to find the good in everything.

She loves that he is an anomaly, the kindest, most gentle man she knows.

So on a very chilly spring day we ventured back to that same christian camp to document their love story. It didn’t matter that the temperatures were low, the two giggled and interacted seamlessly together.

Justin and Krista plan to wed at Brandywine Manor House in September. I already know it is going to be a celebration to remember!

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Chad & Angie {Wedding}

\\ I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you. //

He didn’t stop looking at her, as he serenaded his new bride to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “The Way you Look Tonight.” Her smile was contagious, and everyone watching knew the couple felt as if they were the only ones in the room.

Chad and Angie are the true representation of two families becoming one and I can’t imagine a more seamless union. The couple chose to have their children as their wedding party. Chad adjusted little Weston’s tie as they prepped for the day and the girls got to spend time prepping and well, doing all the girly things.

The ceremony was sweet, heartwarming and full of love. Their couple session was a dream as they couldn’t stop looking at one another, giggling and sharing in the unwavering love they have for one another. Later in the evening, the dance floor was packed with little ones, spending every last bit of energy they had showing the adults their unashamed dance moves.

It was a celebration, not only of a new marriage but of the work God has done in each of their lives to bring them to this point. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Diller! Wishing you only the utmost happiness in your future together.

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Best of 2014 {Weddings & Engagements}

And just like that, 2014 has come to a close. The year held a ton of huge milestones. It was our first full year in the business, we photographed over 20 AMAZING weddings and Jenessa joined the team. Preparations are well underway for an amazing 2015 and we are stoked about each and every bride and groom that has already chosen to trust us with their epic day! In a recap, we figured we would share our favorite frames of 2014. Which one is your favorite?12_20_14_S&K-10 2014_Favorites-1 2014_Favorites-2 2014_Favorites-3 2014_Favorites-4 2014_Favorites-5 2014_Favorites-6 2014_Favorites-7 2014_Favorites-8 2014_Favorites-9 2014_Favorites-10 2014_Favorites-11 2014_Favorites-12 2014_Favorites-13 2014_Favorites-14 2014_Favorites-15 2014_Favorites-16 2014_Favorites-17 2014_Favorites-18 2014_Favorites-19 2014_Favorites-20 2014_Favorites-21 2014_Favorites-22 2014_Favorites-23 2014_Favorites-24 2014_Favorites-25 2014_Favorites-26 2014_Favorites-27 2014_Favorites-28 2014_Favorites-29 2014_Favorites-30 2014_Favorites-31 2014_Favorites-32 2014_Favorites-33 2014_Favorites-34 2014_Favorites-35

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Bloopers & Behind the Scenes {2014}


It’s about that time, time for our most fun and embarrassing post of the year.

2014 was a good one. Our first full year in the business and with that came a lot of traveling, meeting amazing vendors, new experiences and a ton of awesome couples. I began shooting weddings with my dear college friend, Juliana Laury. This year we parted ways to focus more on our individual businesses. You should check her out, because she’s continuing to do amazing things. And with that Tessa & Jenessa was born. I moved my office to Philadelphia and we traveled all over the place. Lots of hours on the road, endless days of editing and a tons of epic parties. 2014, you were good to us. So here you go…Tessa Marie Images behind the scenes.

2014_Bloopers-1 2014_Bloopers-2 2014_Bloopers-3 2014_Bloopers-4 2014_Bloopers-5

22014_Bloopers-6 2014_Bloopers-7 2014_Bloopers-8 2014_Bloopers-9 2014_Bloopers-10 2014_Bloopers-11 Above: Always good to have family in the business. Burnie Smucker with Portable Soundz!2014_Bloopers-12 2014_Bloopers-13 2014_Bloopers-14 2014_Bloopers-15 2014_Bloopers-16 2014_Bloopers-17 2014_Bloopers-18 2014_Bloopers-19 2014_Bloopers-20 2014_Bloopers-21 2014_Bloopers-22 2014_Bloopers-23 Above: We’re boutonniere pinning pros.2014_Bloopers-24 Above: Undercover for Jenessa and Dan’s proposal in Washington DC!2014_Bloopers-25 2014_Bloopers-26 2014_Bloopers-27 2014_Bloopers-28 Above: My brother, a groomsmen in Shawn & Liz’ wedding!2014_Bloopers-29Above: Always checking out her new bling2014_Bloopers-302014_Bloopers-31 2014_Bloopers-32 2014_Bloopers-33 2014_Bloopers-34 Above: I spy with my little eye, Jenessa getting a wide shot. 2014_Bloopers-35 2014_Bloopers-36 2014_Bloopers-38 2014_Bloopers-39 2014_Bloopers-40 Above: My new baby, Ms. Pearl. 2014_Bloopers-41 2014_Bloopers-42 2014_Bloopers-43 2014_Bloopers-44 2014_Bloopers-45 2014_Bloopers-46 2014_Bloopers-47 2014_Bloopers-48 2014_Bloopers-49 2014_Bloopers-50 2014_Bloopers-51 Above: Jenessa taking a break from behind the camera for her ENGAGEMENT shoot.2014_Bloopers-52 2014_Bloopers-53 2014_Bloopers-54 Above: The moments in between. 2014_Bloopers-55 2014_Bloopers-56 2014_Bloopers-57 _DSC61622014_Bloopers-58 2014_Bloopers-59 2014_Bloopers-60 2014_Bloopers-61 2014_Bloopers-62 2014_Bloopers-63 2014_Bloopers-64 2014_Bloopers-65 Above: Starting them young.2014_Bloopers-66 2014_Bloopers-67 R&D20141213_551 R&D20141213_601 R&D20141213_648 R&D20141213_653 2014_Bloopers-682015 we’re coming for ya…


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