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Best of 2014 {Weddings & Engagements}

And just like that, 2014 has come to a close. The year held a ton of huge milestones. It was our first full year in the business, we photographed over 20 AMAZING weddings and Jenessa joined the team. Preparations are well underway for an amazing 2015 and we are stoked about each and every bride and groom that has already chosen to trust us with their epic day! In a recap, we figured we would share our favorite frames of 2014. Which one is your favorite?12_20_14_S&K-10 2014_Favorites-1 2014_Favorites-2 2014_Favorites-3 2014_Favorites-4 2014_Favorites-5 2014_Favorites-6 2014_Favorites-7 2014_Favorites-8 2014_Favorites-9 2014_Favorites-10 2014_Favorites-11 2014_Favorites-12 2014_Favorites-13 2014_Favorites-14 2014_Favorites-15 2014_Favorites-16 2014_Favorites-17 2014_Favorites-18 2014_Favorites-19 2014_Favorites-20 2014_Favorites-21 2014_Favorites-22 2014_Favorites-23 2014_Favorites-24 2014_Favorites-25 2014_Favorites-26 2014_Favorites-27 2014_Favorites-28 2014_Favorites-29 2014_Favorites-30 2014_Favorites-31 2014_Favorites-32 2014_Favorites-33 2014_Favorites-34 2014_Favorites-35

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Bloopers & Behind the Scenes {2014}


It’s about that time, time for our most fun and embarrassing post of the year.

2014 was a good one. Our first full year in the business and with that came a lot of traveling, meeting amazing vendors, new experiences and a ton of awesome couples. I began shooting weddings with my dear college friend, Juliana Laury. This year we parted ways to focus more on our individual businesses. You should check her out, because she’s continuing to do amazing things. And with that Tessa & Jenessa was born. I moved my office to Philadelphia and we traveled all over the place. Lots of hours on the road, endless days of editing and a tons of epic parties. 2014, you were good to us. So here you go…Tessa Marie Images behind the scenes.

2014_Bloopers-1 2014_Bloopers-2 2014_Bloopers-3 2014_Bloopers-4 2014_Bloopers-5

22014_Bloopers-6 2014_Bloopers-7 2014_Bloopers-8 2014_Bloopers-9 2014_Bloopers-10 2014_Bloopers-11 Above: Always good to have family in the business. Burnie Smucker with Portable Soundz!2014_Bloopers-12 2014_Bloopers-13 2014_Bloopers-14 2014_Bloopers-15 2014_Bloopers-16 2014_Bloopers-17 2014_Bloopers-18 2014_Bloopers-19 2014_Bloopers-20 2014_Bloopers-21 2014_Bloopers-22 2014_Bloopers-23 Above: We’re boutonniere pinning pros.2014_Bloopers-24 Above: Undercover for Jenessa and Dan’s proposal in Washington DC!2014_Bloopers-25 2014_Bloopers-26 2014_Bloopers-27 2014_Bloopers-28 Above: My brother, a groomsmen in Shawn & Liz’ wedding!2014_Bloopers-29Above: Always checking out her new bling2014_Bloopers-302014_Bloopers-31 2014_Bloopers-32 2014_Bloopers-33 2014_Bloopers-34 Above: I spy with my little eye, Jenessa getting a wide shot. 2014_Bloopers-35 2014_Bloopers-36 2014_Bloopers-38 2014_Bloopers-39 2014_Bloopers-40 Above: My new baby, Ms. Pearl. 2014_Bloopers-41 2014_Bloopers-42 2014_Bloopers-43 2014_Bloopers-44 2014_Bloopers-45 2014_Bloopers-46 2014_Bloopers-47 2014_Bloopers-48 2014_Bloopers-49 2014_Bloopers-50 2014_Bloopers-51 Above: Jenessa taking a break from behind the camera for her ENGAGEMENT shoot.2014_Bloopers-52 2014_Bloopers-53 2014_Bloopers-54 Above: The moments in between. 2014_Bloopers-55 2014_Bloopers-56 2014_Bloopers-57 _DSC61622014_Bloopers-58 2014_Bloopers-59 2014_Bloopers-60 2014_Bloopers-61 2014_Bloopers-62 2014_Bloopers-63 2014_Bloopers-64 2014_Bloopers-65 Above: Starting them young.2014_Bloopers-66 2014_Bloopers-67 R&D20141213_551 R&D20141213_601 R&D20141213_648 R&D20141213_653 2014_Bloopers-682015 we’re coming for ya…


Casey & Regan {Wedding}


Ceremony: Westminster Presbyterian Church
Reception: The Barn at Overlook
Dress: Davids Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Florist: Megan Waltman with Pearls & Petals
DJ: Burnie Smucker with Portable Soundz

Last year this time we were all up to our earlobes in snowfall. But this year on December 27th, 2014 the sun chose to come out in all of its glory. Unseasonably warm with a slight breeze and no snowfall in sight; the weather was smiling on Casey and Regan’s wedding day.

The two wed at their home church of West Minster Presbyterian. The white walls and high ceilings were lit by the natural light pouring into the room. As the rings were exchanged and I do’s pronounced another beautiful Lancaster County sunset christened the day. A short drive down the road brought us to The Barn at Overlook where the freshly lit candles and holiday touches gave a warm and inviting feel to the celebration. Hot chocolate was served with peppermint sticks and plenty of marshmallows and as the temperatures dropped outside, indoors guests were invited to fellowship and dance.

I can’t think of a better way to end this year’s wedding season. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Kilgore.

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Say & Kelli {Engaged}

It was a cloudy day in the Fall of 2013. Epic Church Philadelphia was hosting their annual Turkey Bowl on the football field of Roxborough High School. Tensions were high as the competition grew. Say “accidentally” close-lined Kelli, when she mistakenly thought she could take him down. He apologized profusely, but she insisted he stop distracting the game play and then resumed to what she said was her pitiful impression of smack talking. Six months later they were reintroduced when paired together to co-lead a summer bible study for that same church.

The relationship bloomed with a salsa event one evening as requested by Kelli, following with another evening at a MMA fight, Say’s choice. That support for each other’s interest has been a foundational factor in their relationship. From Kelli taking Muay Thai classes to learn a small part of Say’s world to Say being willing to take some salsa classes. Their relationship is a christ-centered partnership, sprinkled with adventure and a love for their friends and family.

So on a wintery December day we ventured to the Blue Cross River Rink in South Philadelphia. Anyone who knows anything about Philadelphia in the winter time knows that Philly knows how to do Christmas right. The river rink is a must see to any Christmas enthusiast, which Say and Kelli very much are. We photographed among the twinkling lights, with the fire pits burning and the Christmas music as a soundtrack for the session. I can’t say enough good about this couple. They are silly and support each other, they get lost in the presence of one another and have such a solid foundation of faith. They are a classic love. 05.15.15 is gonna be magical.1 9 8 6 5 13 4 3 12 2 11 10 7

Ryan & Danica {Wedding}

Ceremony: St. John’s United Methodist

Reception: The Booking House

Caterer: The Festive Board

DJ & Videographer: Complete Entertainment

There’s something special about a love that grows from youth into adulthood. There is security there, a depth to the relationship, memories of the past and hope for the future. Danica and Ryan met in 7th grade. Over the years their friendship grew into a relationship. As the fairly tales go, Danica said yes to Ryan’s proposal in a gorgeous Italian garden in the hills of Florence.

They are family people and because they’ve literally grown up together it’s as if they are already a part of each other’s families. Over the past several years they have dreamed of their future together; how many kids, what color the house will be…and this past Saturday their future together began.

It was a chilly winter day. The wind at times seemed unforgiving and the clouds moved in, but the day was flawless. Ryan’s smile reached from ear to ear as he saw his bride for the first time. Tears were plenty and laughter even more abundant. There is something so right about this couple. The simple way they interact as if already one unit.  It was perfect, and I couldn’t be more happy for the new Mr. & Mrs. Taylor.

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