Andrea & Lucas {Esession by Tessa}

“I was always a thing
that was going to happen to you,
the lighting that would strike
on a day that came
with no thunder,
and all the shelter
in all the world
couldn’t have saved you.
All my life
I’ve been making my way
to you.”
– Tyler Knott Gregson

Andrea and I grew up down the road from one another. In highschool, at Living Word Academy, she was my carpool buddy and fellow tri-athlete teammate. Ten years after highschool and now living in different cities, I was so very excited to catch up with her and meet her new fiance.

Andrea is a fitness guru, so it was only fitting that she met her future hubby at the gym. The two were set up by Andrea’s old client. After turning Lucas down on many first date attempts, she finally agreed to dinner. They met at Stoner Grill for lunch. It wasn’t long before he realized this girl loves to eat. She ordered a burger and fries and the conversation flowed. They decide to extend the date to a walk in a nearby park. The excitement for what could be was felt from day one.

She loves his steadfastness and his heart for serving. He loves her passion and the commitment she has to whatever she sets her mind to.

We met at Marsh Creek, one of my FAVORITE spots to photograph at, so I use it sparingly. 🙂 Pennsylvania has been going through a bit of a heatwave, and after a rainstorm the humidity FINALLY broke. I was nothing short of giddy at the chance to photographing without instantly sweating. We chatted and walked around the park, taking in the gorgeous evening.

The two interact effortlessly, and Andrea was all smiles the whole evening. It is so clear how smitten Lucas is with his soon-to-be bride.

What a lovely evening it was! The two will marry this October at White Chimneys, a charming Lancaster County Barn, right down the road from where we both grew up…and I am so stinkin’ excited.

– T


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